Limerock Orchards Organic Walnuts

Limerock Walnut Orchards FamilyLimerock Orchards is a small, family owned walnut farm located in the hills of western Paso Robles. Each autumn our family hand harvests our exceptional walnuts to make gourmet walnut oil that is wonderfully aromatic and bursting with a delicate, toasty flavor. By carefully roasting the walnuts before pressing, their full flavor is preserved in every ounce along with healthy omega 3 fatty acids and natural antioxidants.

Hand Crafted Walnut Oil & Walnut Butter

Our unfiltered walnut oil is a gourmet chef’s secret weapon for salad dressings, sautéing, baking and dipping. Our walnut butter is rich, savory treat that is a great healthy snack anytime.

Our farm and orchards are nestled in the heart of Paso Robles wine country. Named for the orchard’s rich, limestone-like soil, our trees have been quietly producing extraordinarily delicious walnuts for more than 40 years. Their secret is the ages-old technique of dry farming, an irrigation-free method with smaller yields in exchange for a crop of undeniably flavorful walnuts – all grown with nothing but rain and sunshine. Read more…

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Eating Well Is a Form of Self Respect

  Though most of us tend to consider dieting a form of changing one’s self to be healthier, better, or, well, less bad, this thought process is part of the reason why most diets don’t last. Instead, if we begin to view eating right as a type of self respect, we may start to create […]


How Wine Affects Your Sleep

Many people love to reach for a glass of wine before bed: it gives you a short and mild buzz, helps you fall asleep more quickly, and allows you to create a calmer atmosphere right before bed. Unfortunately, though, wine can actually affect your sleep cycle over all, and in many cases, a glass of […]


How Best to Travel With Wine

A picnic isn’t a picnic unless wine is involved. And if you’re going to visit wine country or a similar area from which you know you’re going to have to bring some vino back, you’ll want to make sure your bottles survive the trip unscathed. No matter how far you’re traveling (or how you’re planning […]


Walnut Recipes

Ways to Use Walnuts in Desserts

Adding walnuts to a dessert is a great way to get a little extra fiber and protein into your diet as well as to make sure your last bite of the day is a little healthier than usual. Here are some fun dessert recipes you can make with the addition of walnuts. A Hot Fudge […]


Light Dinners for Summer Nights

Summertime is known for evenings where everyone stays out late: the adults, the kids, and even the sun. As such, making a heavy meal for this time of day at this time of the year can feel exhausting—not to mention that it will make you and your loved ones feel overstuffed after eating it. So […]


Indulgence with Moderation

When we try to fit into a routine of doing everything by a strict set of rules, regardless of circumstance, we force ourselves to adhere to a standard we can never live up to (and, as a result, we make ourselves pretty miserable). This is why fad diets never seem to work and why living […]


Press Releases

Another Limerock Walnut Butter fan (with recipe!)

Photography & Food blogger – Yvonne Cornell from Following Breadcrumbs had a few nice things to say about our Walnut Butter, and Walnut Oil! She recently shared her own unique and creative recipe : CHEESE, CHERRY & WALNUT BUTTER PUFFS. As you can see, Yvonne has a very unique take on cuisine and photography. Be sure […]


Limerock Orchards Inshell Walnuts

Heirloom walnuts at Limerock Orchards!

Hayley Thomas from the New Times SLO wrote a great article about our Heirloom walnuts!   Deanne was happy to point out that the moss—technically “lichen”—only grows where there is no trace of air pollution. Rattlesnakes, deer, and wild pigs are known to cut paths through the farm’s thick, adobe topsoil. On this day, the orchard […]


Living the Country Life

Winter 2014 – We were thrilled to discover Living the Country Life this year – it’s a great publication that focuses on the fun and challenge of the rural lifestyle. You can check out Olivia’s radio interview here, and also see the slideshow they put together here. In 2009, Limerock Orchards was created to separate the unique […]