Best Foods to Eat with White Wine

Food and wine pairings can sometimes be tricky, but in general, there are certain foods that are considered to work best with white and red wines respectively. Here are the foods that tend to go well with whites.

Lighter Fare

White wine usually has a lighter taste as opposed to the darker taste of bold reds. This is why most people serve white with lighter dishes as well as with appetizers, salads, and soups. When you find a white wine that you like, it will usually pair best with one of these types of meals whether it’s a dry Sauvignon Blanc or a sweeter Riesling.

Shellfish and Other Fish

Fish is usually considered to go better with white wine than with red. Abariño pairs great with fresh, simply prepared shellfish like linguine with clams, pasta salad with prawns, or even fresh oysters. Semillion goes well with fish cakes, and Viognier paired with fusion recipes that put fish together with exciting ingredients like fruit relish can be delicious.


Another lighter dish that goes well with white, chicken can be paired with a Chardonnay, a Colombard, a Riesling, or a Semillion. Of course, the way you prepare the chicken can make it more likely to go better with different types of white wines. For example, Colombard tastes great with chicken that was cooked in a cream sauce, and Chardonnay works well with roasted chicken.


White wines and cheeses are a match made in heaven. As stated previously, whites are great to serve with an appetizer, and there is no better option than wine, soft cheese, and crackers. Chenin Blanc, Gewurztraminer, dry Riesling, and Sauvignon Blanc all go well with mild cheeses, while Chardonnay is good with a stronger cheese, as are all the others except Gewurztraminer.

Asian Cuisine

Asian dishes work especially well with certain white wines, including Chenin and Gewurztraminer. This usually works best when the dish is light and utilizes rice.


Sweet whites like Riesling often go very well with chocolate. For an extra treat, you can even rim the glass with white or milk chocolate and before you commence sipping.

You Decide!

In general, most people don’t pair pastas with red sauce and white wines. But part of the fun of cooking and coming understand your palate is experimenting. So try different combinations in order to find out what you like.