How to Creatively Use Walnut Shells

So… you’re on a walnut kick and you’re not sure how you can possibly reuse all the shells you’ve got left over from your daily snack? Not to worry; here are some creative ideas you can use to turn a walnut shell into an exciting work of art.


If you have kids, this is a great way to make a craft together that will provide you with family time fun after dinner. Take a half shell, glue a toothpick inside standing up straight, and then slide a small scrap of paper through the toothpick to look like a sail. If you want to get really creative, you and your loved ones can even draw pictures on the sails. Then you can race your walnuts in any body of water nearby (or barring that, the tub!).

Little Creatures


Walnuts can be made to look like almost any animal you can imagine. With some black and red felt and googly eyes, you can make the back of the shell look like a ladybug, and with a little modeling clay, you can create a turtle body to go underneath the shell to make a cute playmate. If you can paint on a face and get some brown felt, you can even make a walnut look like an owl. And, once you make your new animal friends, you can decide if they will be toys, Christmas ornaments, or something else entirely…

Practical Items


Making walnut crafts doesn’t have to be all fun and games either. You can polish the walnut shells and string them together with thin leather to create a belt or glue slices of walnut shells together to make a decorative bowl. Walnuts are sturdy and attractive, which means you can build lots of interesting things out of them, and usually, you don’t have to paint them. Just polish them to bring out their natural, earthy look.

Teeny, Tiny Dioramas

One of the coolest items you can create with empty walnut shells is a miniature scene, like this one of a forest filled with toadstools. These make great gifts, and though they require quite the steady hand, you can often get a big reaction out of others. You can create almost any type of scene you want; it only depends on how ambitious you are and how careful you’re willing to be when executing your creation.