Decrease Risks of Osteoporosis with Walnuts

The benefits of walnuts are many, but there is one benefit that can help many people around the world – the decrease in osteoporosis risk.

Bone Health Effects of Walnuts

The bone health effects of walnuts are a surprise to many people. The general population often see nuts as highly acidifying and fattening, despite reports of the cardiovascular benefits. They avoid eating them because they simply do not want to gain weight or limit acidity in their diet. Unfortunately, this isn’t the wisest choice.

Walnuts are highly beneficial to the health of both men and women, especially when it comes to their bones. The nut has a high concentration of omega-3. This essential fatty acid boosts calcium absorption, calcium deposition in the bones, and strengthens bones.

Research has found walnuts inhibit osteoclast activity, and increase osteoblast activity. Osteoclasts are cells that can be detrimental to bones, but osteoblast cells aide in bone formation. With this decrease in bad cells and increase in good cells, bones become stronger to withstand the pressure put on them on a daily basis.

Walnuts also contain three important bone health nutrients: boran, copper, and manganese. Boron helps with bone metabolism and vitamin D. Copper boosts collagen and elastin, which helps maintain health skin, bones, joints, and blood vessels. Manganese helps with the connective tissues in cartilage and bones.

Walnut Facts

It’s true that walnuts contain fat, but as many people know, it’s a “good” fat. Omega-3 fatty acids are good for your body, and especially, your bones. It doesn’t take much to deliver these benefits to your body. Just a quarter cup is all you need each day. This small amount gives you 2.25 grams of omega-3 and that’s nearly 100% of your daily recommended value (95% to be exact).

While you’re taking care of your bones with walnuts, you can also care for your cardiovascular health, brain, skin, hair, blood pressure, adrenal and thyroid activity, and even improve blood clotting.

Quality Walnut Products

With so many health boosting effects from walnuts, there’s no reason everyone can’t take advantage of them. The quality of the nut matters, which is why we ensure all of your walnuts are grown to be the best of the best. This delivers the maximum benefits possible from walnuts to the human body. We also believe it’s not just about the health benefits, but the taste of them. Walnuts should be a healthy, satisfying treat. Treats are foods that tantalize the taste buds, and our walnuts do exactly that because of our careful cultivation.

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