KIND Bars Recall Due to Not Identify Walnuts on Some Packages

KIND Bars announced a recall this week because they failed to identify that walnuts were used in some of their varieties. This is a major recall, and we wanted to be share it with all of our readers.

As consumers, we must be informed of what is in everything we buy. No one wants to ingest something that they didn’t know they were taking into their body. Of course, many people don’t even think about looking at the ingredients. Usually, these are people who are not allergic to many things. It’s the people who do have some allergies that need to pay particular attention to everything they purchase.

There are some people who have a walnuts or nut allergy. This can be serious if they purchase the KIND Bar not knowing there are walnuts inside of it.

Those with allergies can become seriously ill and require hospitalization. While others may just suffer from minor side effects that can be controlled with prescriptions.

In any case, KIND Bar has taken the necessary steps to keep people from becoming ill from their snacks by pulling them from the shelves and spreading the word across major media outlets.

What You Should Do If You Have the KIND Bar

If you have the KIND Bar, you can contact the manufacturer for a refund. If you’re not allergic to walnuts or nuts, you can consume the bar because there’s nothing necessarily wrong with it. It’s the package that is failing to provide the information needed to keep consumers safe.

If you’ve become ill because of a KIND bar you consumed and didn’t know there was walnuts in it since the package didn’t say so, you may also want to contact the manufacturer.

What We Think

We believe eating walnuts in its natural form is best. Instead of eating a KIND Bar, we suggest eating what the bar is made up of, such as eating whole walnuts. This way, you know exactly what you’re getting, and your body will like that best.

We understand that this type of bar and others are convenient, but so are walnuts as long as you take the time to put them in a baggy. Yes, if you have to shell them, you may not see it as very convenient. However, shelling them at home, and then putting them in a baggie or container to eat as a snack later can be just as easy as carrying around a bar.