Living the Country Life

Winter 2014 – We were thrilled to discover Living the Country Life this year – it’s a great publication that focuses on the fun and challenge of the rural lifestyle. You can check out Olivia’s radio interview here, and also see the slideshow they put together here.

In 2009, Limerock Orchards was created to separate the unique walnuts grown on the Gonzales family farm from the masses on the wholesale market.

Limerock Orchards was originally a small walnut farm, first planted in 1962. Located in Paso Robles, California, it had been growing walnuts for over 40 years before it developed its own brand.  The farm uses dry farming to grow its walnuts, which means the orchard lives on only natural rainfall, creating a sweeter, more flavorful nut. 

“We felt our products were of higher quality than a lot of the nuts we were being mixed with on the wholesale market,” says Olivia Wenger, Limerock Orchards Marketing Director. “We went through the organic certification process, so customers would feel good about our products. Our customers are really passionate and appreciate our high standards.”

You can get a subscription to Living the Country Life for free on their website – check it out!