Organic Walnuts vs. Non-Organic

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The most popular question we receive is what the difference is between organic and non-organic walnuts. We love this question because it gives us the opportunity to show people how much we truly care about the integrity of the nut.

We believe organic is best. It’s natural, more delicious, and healthier than non-organic. These are the reasons:

Non-Organic or Conventional Walnuts

Walnuts that are non-organic may have been grown with chemical fertilizers. The fertilizers make the plants grow faster and bigger to produce more nuts quicker.

Insecticides are sprayed on the plants to reduce pests and diseases.

Farms that are non-organic use chemical herbicides to manage weeds.

What this basically means is that the plants harbor chemicals. Most of these chemicals are dangerous, even poisonous to us as humans. The reason this continues to occur is because we don’t ingest enough of the chemicals to harm us. But, do you really want to put dangerous chemicals into your body? We don’t.

This is why we believe in natural, organic walnuts.

Organic Walnuts

Organic walnut plants are fed with natural fertilizers. Examples of natural fertilizers are manure and compost.

Insects, birds, and traps are used to keep pests and diseases from harming the plants.

Crop rotating, tilling and weeding or mulching is how the group is kept healthy and fertile.

As you can see, there’s no chemicals involved. This means when you eat walnuts grown organically, you get the nuts in their truest form. Of course, you don’t want to imagine yourself ingesting manure or compost, but know that this isn’t as bad as you think. The manure and compost seep into the plants, and the plants use it. Anything remaining washing off – it doesn’t stick to the plants like chemicals do.

There’s more work put into the growth of plants when you don’t use chemicals. Keeping insects, birds, and traps around enough to keep prey away is a job – a hard one, but it’s worth it.

Getting in the fields to till, weed, and mulch is keep the ground from being taken over by weeds is laborious, but then again, worth it.

We just feel better about selling organic walnuts. They are better for human bodies and we believe they taste better.

Consider Our Walnut Products

We have many varieties of walnuts available at our store and online. We also sell walnut butter, which is much better than peanut or almond butter (in our honest opinion). If you haven’t tried it, this is your chance. Once you try walnut, you may never go back.