The Pride You Have in a Product

We have a lot of pride in our products. When we grow the trees and vines for our walnuts and wine, we make sure we are doing it in the most natural way possible. This is the way we would do it if we were the consumer, so we want to pass that along to our customers.

Every single step of the process gets a lot of attention. We don’t just produce to make money. We produce to make people happy and healthy.

The pride we have in our products is something we hope is felt by our customers, AND our customers can have in our products as well. If you’ve ever purchased a product that you liked, you know what it means to have pride in it. You may tell your friends and family about it. You may want to use that product more than others. You may just be satisfied. These are the feelings we want our customers to have when they purchase our products.

The Reason We Are In Business

The reason we are in business is to offer customers good quality walnuts and wine. While if we didn’t have customers, we would likely still make them, we wouldn’t make them as much as we do because we wouldn’t want them to go bad. The work we put in to make an abundance is because our customers come back many times to purchase from us. They also tell their friends about us, and then we have new customers.

We love that people are happy enough with our products (they have a lot of pride in them) that they spread the word about them. So, please continue to do this because we love to meet new people and learn what they think about our products.

Tell Us What You Think

We always receive feedback with open arms. We want to know how we can make your experience the best one possible. When we say experience, we mean through the buying process AND when you’re enjoying our nuts and wine. From the moment we meet you to the time you run out of your products, know that we are here to ensure you have the best experience possible. You can call us or come see us if you have any concerns or questions. We see ourselves as walnut and wine experts, so we’re always ready to discuss our passion.

Thank you for your support and business.