How to Use Walnut Oil

Are you looking for something to put a twist on your old favorite recipes? If so, walnut oil is the answer.

Walnut oil has been used in the Perigord and Burgundy regions of France for many years. It’s not like other nut oils. Walnut oil is unrefined. It’s made from dried nuts that have been cold pressed, preserving the nutrients that are so important to a healthy body and mind.

Many people believe that fats are bad for health. This is not true. The body runs on fats, especially polyunsaturated fats found in walnuts. These fats are converted into energy in the body giving you the power to do everything you want to throughout the day. Moderation is key, though. Using too much can cause you to have an overflow of energy, which then converts to extra unwanted pounds.

How to Use It in Recipes

Using walnut oil in recipes is easy. You can substitute anything you would use olive oil for, such as salad or sauteing vegetables. The nutty flavor can really give dishes a whole new taste that will make you love them all over again.

Many customers will use walnut oil on their steaks, chicken, and pork. The wholesome flavor is what can give meats a delicious twist making getting the protein the body needs easy.

Chicken salad is a great way to use the oil. Many people put nuts and cranberries in their chicken salad, and walnut oil gives it the kick that most chicken salads are missing.

Putting walnut oil in desserts is another idea. If you would put crushed nuts in a dessert, you can use walnut oil in it. It really brings out that nutty flavor that so many scrumptious desserts have, especially when paired with cream or vanilla ice cream.

Note About Cooking with Walnut Oil

Avoid using a lot of heated walnut oil. It can become bitter when it’s heated. You can use it without the bitterness when sauteing, or just splashing some extra flavor on foods after they are cooked through. As long as you use the oil in moderation, you should be okay when it comes to the bitterness.

Other Uses

Most people don’t know that walnut oil can also be used to improve your beauty. It can fight wrinkles, help fight and relieve infections, treat psoriasis, and fight dandruff and hair loss. Give it a try in your beauty regime to take advantage of all its uses.

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