Walnuts In the Fall

There’s nothing better than walnuts in the fall. Many people dream of pumpkins and apples, but we dream of walnuts.

The fall is all about walnuts as far as we’re concerned. It’s the fall nut.

During autumn, walnuts are straight off the tree, they are only dried briefly and the texture is creamy. The flavor is sweet and subtle as well.

Of course, walnuts are just as good when you pop them in your mouth for a tasty snack. However, they are also good when you toss them into recipes.

Whether you like your walnuts in a salad or a dessert, the flavor will bring you back to fresh, fun, and care-free days.

No matter what you choose to put these nuts into, it will improve the taste. Think of cakes, tarts, cookies, and the best of all: baklava. Everyone loves baklava with fresh walnuts, right?

Don’t forget that tossing walnuts in risotto or pesto (crushed up of course) is also a great choice.

Making a platter of cheese, crackers, and walnuts is a crowd pleaser. When you’re hosting a football game, Halloween, or Thanksgiving party, there’s nothing better than having a platter of delicious apps for people to pick on while enjoying some beverages, such as wine.

What You Need to Know

Walnuts in the shell last longer. So, if you choose to purchase unshelled walnuts, be prepared to use them quickly. No one wants rancid walnuts.

Stay away from shells that have mold on them. That means they are on their way out. If you’re looking for the unshelled ones, go with the ones that look plump, not dry and shriveled up.

When you bring them home, be sure to keep them at room temperature. You don’t want to keep them in the refrigerator or next to your stove in the kitchen. These two places will quickly make the walnuts lose their flavor. Instead, place them in a cabinet or pantry. Those two locations will keep temperature more consistent and keep them from going bad for several weeks.

Now, that’s for shelled nuts. If you are keeping unshelled nuts, go ahead and place them in the fridge. Keeping them cold will keep them fresh longer for a bit longer than keeping them at room temperature.

Want your shelled nuts to last longer? Place them in the freezer. They can last up to a year in there. Just know they may not taste as fresh as they do when you purchase them if you choose this option. This is best for when you want to use your walnuts in recipes.