Ways to Use Walnuts in Desserts

Adding walnuts to a dessert is a great way to get a little extra fiber and protein into your diet as well as to make sure your last bite of the day is a little healthier than usual. Here are some fun dessert recipes you can make with the addition of walnuts.

A Hot Fudge Sundae with Walnuts

If there’s any dessert more traditionally American than the apple pie, it might be this one. A hot fudge sundae complete with cherries, whipped cream, and chopped walnuts is one of those desserts we all remember from our childhoods and wouldn’t mind eating again as adults. Here is a great recipe for a traditional hot fudge sundae, walnuts included.

Walnut Ice Cream

If you’re not a big fan of vanilla and hot fudge, though, that’s fine. You can still enjoy your walnuts on a hot, summer night in a cool ice cream dish. In fact, your walnuts can actually flavor the ice cream itself. Maple walnut ice cream has a fun and exciting flavor that you can create yourself, and it can work for the summer as well as the winter holidays.

Or if you want to try something a little different, make yourself some black walnut ice cream, which calls for black walnuts and black walnut extract specifically. Though it may require a little extra work, it’s certainly worth it.

Baked Goods

Walnuts are absolutely delicious in baked goods and plenty of recipes call for this ingredient. Walnuts that have been cooked are often even more delicious with a warm, crispy texture and a comforting, nutty flavor that lends itself perfectly to these types of sweets. Below are some great recipes where you can use walnuts in your baked goods.

Candied Walnuts

When you’re still unsure what to do with those nuts, why not try candying them? Candied walnuts are even better when they’re made fresh, and they can be eaten on their own or as a part of a larger dessert option. Here is a quick and easy recipe for candied walnuts, and below, you can find a number of ways to use them in other dishes.