Do Wine Grapes Taste Different from Table Grapes?

One of the most common questions we receive from customers is if wine grapes taste different than the grapes you buy from the grocery store. We love this question because it gives us the opportunity to show how unique and awesome our guest wineries are when it comes to growing the best grapes for the wine they produce.

Wine vs. Table Grapes

The taste of wine grapes is much different from table grapes for several reasons.

Wine grapes are sweeter, softer, and juicier. They have a thicker, chewier skin on the outside of them too. The seeds inside of the grapes are bigger. If you were to bite into a wine grape, you would notice these differences immediately. While they may not taste like wine, you’ll notice they also don’t taste like table grapes.

Table grapes are bigger. People like to have grapes that they can taste the burst of flavor in them when they bite. Their skin is thinner and crunchy. The seeds are much smaller too. Most people would probably rather have the bigger seeds since they would be easier to find and spit out, but the small seeds are perfect for those people who like to eat the seeds with the grapes.

Wine grapes are much riper than table grapes. Table grapes continue to ripen after they are picked, so when they have to be transported to the grocery store, they may end up getting over ripe in that time. Picking them when they are slightly under-ripe ensures the grapes aren’t overripe when people buy them.

Now when you go shopping at the grocery store, you will likely think differently about the grapes you’re picking out. Look for them to be either under ripe or at the peak of ripeness. This way you know that you have a day or more to consume them. Grapes that were picked too late will be mushy.

Our Guest Wineries

Our guest wineries, take special care of their vines. They understand that good wine comes from good grapes. They work hard so you can purchase wine that is made of high quality grapes that have been cultivated organically. They don’t believe in using chemicals to keep insects and weeds away. They also don’t use chemical-based fertilizer.

You will likely taste the difference when you visit our guest winery. Come by today for a tasting. We would to show you how much our sister wineries love and care about their grapes and the wine that they make from  them.